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“Askeladden mot verdenseliten”

Hi !
I’ve started a support foundation for my career in international racing and living situation. And I hope you would like to join my journey !
Here’s a translation version:)
“My name is Mads, and this year I have a dream opportunity to become a professional racing driver.
After some years in gocart and racing I managed to win a competition the Norwegian car organization is hosting called “Bilsporttalentet 2016” (Competitors from every  angel in motorsport until 21 years old).
The money I won in the competition I used to drive a international championship witch called Reiter Young Starts with a KTM X-BOW GT4. I won this championship also, and the first price there was a full season in the probably most prestigious GT-championship, Blancpain GT-series, where I in 2018 will drive with an Lamborghini GT3 – without that would cost me a penny. All the races will broadcast live on Eurosport.
This is a very rare opportunity in international motorsport, and the value of the price is 300.000€. This means I will drive a unofficial “World championship” for GT-cars, and to get my best preparations I’ve decided to move and work with my team Reiter Engineering.
To have something to live of this year, I need good support players on my team! I don’t need much, but just a little to make my life situation stabile, with house rent, food and new helmet for GT3, just so I can use all my time on preparation to races, physical and mental training and work with my engineers in Reiter Engineering to make the car perform better.
With a successful season in 2018 the doors can open for a professional racing career, where I don’t only will drive for free, but also get payed to drive a racecar.
Really appreciate every donation, and really hope You will join my international journey!
Here`s the link for the foundaiton site:  “Askeladden mot verdenseliten”
The project needs to be successfully for me to get the donations, if not, the amount will be refunded back.
Most kindly
Mads, Siljehaug Racing



madssiljehaug View All

Norwegian, 21 years
Racing team: Reiter Enigineering - Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX GT3
Racing series: Blancpain Endurance Series GT3

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